We offer a range of services that can assist you grow, manage and protect your wealth, regardless of your life-stage. You can be assured that your investments are being managed by a team of experienced investment professionals purely focused on ensuring your investment portfolio is positioned for strong, consistent, long-term investment returns.

Investing to Create Wealth

Liddell & KO can construct investment portfolios which are tailored to your individual requirements. In considering your overall circumstances, we will need to understand the reason for the investment; some people invest to accumulate wealth whilst others seek an income stream. We will also assess your attitude to investment risk and the timeframe for the investment. We are able to source investment opportunities for clients to construct a robust portfolio of securities across all major asset classes, such as:-

• Australian Shares (managed funds and direct equities)

• Global Shares (including emerging markets)

• Australian & International Property Securities

• Domestic & International Fixed Interest

• Australian & International Bonds

The exact investment blend of asset classes will be determined by yourself and your adviser. Liddell & Ko use the dynamic approach to investing, which means that we will constantly work with you on an on-going basis to alter and adjust the investment mix depending on where we believe the future opportunities exist. This is will be achieved via our extensive access to the latest investment research from leading research houses such as Morningstar.