Retirement Planning

With the average Australian now spending in excess of 20 years in retirement, it is vital that you plan your finances to fund this stage of your life. It is never too early to start planning for retirement, the future has a habit of becoming the present. Important questions your adviser will help you plan for include; how much money you will need for your retirement and the number of years that you will rely on these funds. The better the lifestyle you want to lead and the earlier you plan to retire, the more money you will have to save and the longer your money will need to last. Your Liddell & Ko adviser will educate you on strategies to enable to you to maximise your superannuation benefit and select which products and investments suit you best to achieve your goals. Your adviser will sort through the maze of superannuation funds and offer you useful insights and tips on annuities, savings options, wealth creation strategies, allocated pensions and any other information you will need to know to plan for your retirement.

Where can you find your old super?

If you already know where your super funds are, just collect the latest statements from your previous funds. If you can’t find these, we will assist you to get in touch with your past employers and ask them where your super was invested when you left. If you still can’t locate your super, it may be classified as ‘lost’. Fortunately, your adviser should be able to locate your lost super for you and combine all previous super funds into one and make it easier to manage.

How do I generate an income in retirement?

The Australian government wants to try and make sure your super money lasts throughout retirement, so they will offer you various tax benefits if you convert your super into a retirement income stream. There are various types of income streams available, but some of the rules can be quite complex and you should discuss your options with a financial planner.

To find out more about retirement planning, ensure you have enough for retirement and how you can earn a stable and reliable income during your transition to retirement, make an appointment with a Liddell & Ko adviser today by calling 07 3846 6888.